Crowfoot C-Train station reopens temporarily

Calgary Transit has reopened Crowfoot station in the northwest, but passengers may have to change trains at Dalhousie. There will be no service this weekend as crews will try to fix an electrical problem in time for Monday's commute.

Service on northwest line still not back to normal

Calgary commuters had to take buses from Dalhousie station after C-Train service was disrupted Tuesday afternoon, but the line has now temporarily reopened. (CBC)

The Crowfoot C-Train station in northwest Calgary is open again, temporarily.

Calgary Transit says westbound passengers may have to transfer to a different train at the Dalhousie station before continuing on to Crowfoot. 

Service has been interrupted on that portion of the line since Tuesday after a power line between Crowfoot and Dalhousie stations went down. 

The Crowfoot station will be closed on Saturday and Sunday to allow crews to finish the repairs.

Calgary Transit says regular service should resume on Monday. 

Crowfoot Station will close to complete the electrical repairs this weekend. Regular service is expected to resume Monday. (CBC)