Crossfield's Paul Allen builds 'giant killer robot' named Patronus in his backyard

Phil Allen from Crossfield has built what he calls a "giant killer robot" in his backyard in southern Alberta.
Phil Allen built a 900-pound robot in his backyard, and hopes to build another with funds crowdsourced from the public. 2:02

Phil Allen from Crossfield has built what he calls a "giant killer robot" in his backyard in southern Alberta.

While it can only move its head, the robot named Patronus — which stands for protector and father figure in Latin — stands almost three metres and weighs about 400 kilograms, or roughly 900 pounds. 

"Arnold Schwarzenegger — I think you see some of him there," said Allen, a military veteran. "I just tried to use the human body and just went up." 

  • Watch the video above for more on the story from CBC's Terri Trembath.

But it doesn't stop there, as he wants to build another robot with help from the public.

"All his legs would move — his arms, his fingers, his head, his torso — everything would work," said Allen.

He has collected more than $330 so far, but has to raise roughly $149,000 more in 10 days.

Allen says while some people may think it's silly, he says every good venture often starts with a far-fetched idea.  


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