Crime Stoppers re-enacted a home invasion on Tuesday during which three armed men stole $20,000 worth of property.

The robbery happened on the morning of Oct. 9 last year on Skyview Shores Garden N.E.

"Everyone should feel safe and secure in their own home, but a couple of months ago that was taken away from our family," said victim Azad Mahmod on Tuesday. "My mom was home alone. She was kicked and thrown in the closet while the intruders ransacked our house and took what they had come for."

Thinking it was her husband, Mahmod's mother responded to knocking at her front door only to be confronted by three masked men armed with a handgun and knives who demanded gold and money, police said. 

home invasion

Crime Stoppers taped a re-enactment on Tuesday of a violent home invasion that happened last October in northeast Calgary. (CBC)

The culprits forced their way in and led the woman around the house looking for jewelry before stuffing her into a closet and leaving with about $20,000 in stolen property.

Investigators believe the offenders knew the family temporarily had a large amount of jewelry in the home because of an upcoming family celebration.

"One of the individuals within the home had a ceremony to go to. She normally doesn't store her jewelry at home, but at this particular time she did have it within the home," said Staff Sgt. Colin Chisholm.

The first suspect is described as aboriginal, five feet six inches with a medium build. He wore a black mask, black jacket, black gloves, blue jeans and was armed with a black handgun.

The second suspect was five feet eleven inches with a medium build. He was wearing a black jacket and a black mask and black gloves. He was carrying a knife.

The third suspect was five feet three inches with a medium build. He was wearing a mask, black gloves, black jacket and black pants, and also carried a knife.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.