The mother of a 13-year-old told a Calgary courtroom Tuesday that the last straw in a series of allegedly inappropriate interactions between her daughter and ringette coach was when she caught the pair with their pants off in the family's basement.


Former Calgary ringette coach Kelsea Hepburn is on trial for sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching. (CBC)

The Crown wrapped up its case against former ringette coach Kelsea Hepburn on Tuesday after testimony from both of the parents of the alleged teen victim and the head coach of her ringette team.

Hepburn is on trial for sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching. She has pleaded not guilty.

The court heard from the teen's parents early in the day.

Her father told the jury he witnessed interactions between his 13-year-old and Hepburn that he called romantic and inappropriate.

He said one of Hepburn's texts to his daughter read, "I love you, I can't wait to hold you."

He testified he confronted Hepburn, who said there was nothing sexual about their relationship but promised her behaviour would stop.

The father told Hepburn he would go to the police if the behaviour continued. The family did contact police after the teen's mother found the pair in the basement in March 2011.

The final witness for the Crown was the head coach of the 13-year-old's ringette team, who described incidents where Hepburn would appear to favour the alleged teen victim.

He described one night at a banquet where the teen was sitting on Hepburn's lap.

Defence is expected to start its case Wednesday.