Two bodies have been found in an apartment in the northeast, say Calgary police.

Officers responded to the 200 block of Templegreen Drive around 2 p.m. MT Wednesday to check on the welfare of two residents who had not been seen since Sunday.

"The resident manager was concerned because some people had 

[said] that they hadn't seen or heard from these two for some time," said Duty Insp. Paul Stacey. 

 200 block of Templegreen Drive N.E. Calgary

"So the resident manager called us and that's why we responded."

Police say a man and woman in their 30s were found in the apartment.

Homicide investigators and medical examiners are working to determine the identities of the couple, and the cause of their deaths.  

Police have not been called to the apartment in past.

"We haven't been to that address before for anything," said Stacey. 


Calgary police have cordoned off a car in the building's parking garage. (CBC)

"It's not on our radar — let's put it that way — for domestics or anything."

CBC reporter Alana Baker was on scene and said police have also cordoned off a car in the building's parking garage.

Autopsies are scheduled for Thursday morning.