A Calgary country music artist has placed an online ad offering a free house to someone in need.

Giveaway house

Musician Jason Hastie's house in Calgary is free to someone who will move it. (Jason Hastie)

Singer Jason Hastie and his wife are building a new home on their lot in the southwest Calgary neighbourhood of Killarney.

Rather than tearing down their current bungalow, they want it to go to someone who needs it.

There is a bit of a catch though. The person who receives the house will be responsible for finding land to put it on and the cost involved in relocating the house.

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Hastie told CBC Radio's The Homestretch that his main motivation for giving away the house is his reluctance to see it torn down, combined with a desire to help a family in need of housing.

"Our initial thought was to help out someone who had been affected by the flood if their home had been destroyed," said Hastie.

The response to the online ad had has been overwhelming. 

"It shows you the power of social media and how kind people can be too," Hastie said. 

While he doesn't know how he is going to decide who gets the house, Hastie said he and his wife are also looking at collecting donations to help the eventual recipient pay the costs of relocating the house.