Police had to break up a hillside party that was part of festivities marking the unofficial end of the school year for students at the University of Calgary.


Hundreds of students gathered Friday morning on the toboggan hill in St. Andrews Heights near the school to celebrate Bermuda Shorts Day. The boozy annual tradition features couch surfing, where students jump on modified sofas to race down the hill.

However, police had to break up the party after several dangerous couch crashes and open alcohol consumption.

Allison Hewitt, 20, was shaken up when she was hit by one of the couches.

"I turned and looked up the hill and saw the couch coming down and all I saw, it was coming right towards me so I just started running and then it hit me from behind," she said, sporting a bruise on her chin.


Allison Hewitt, 20, was shaken up after being run over by a modified couch. ((CBC))

"I'm going to be sore tomorrow but it's BSD, it's fun! It's bound to happen just the way it is."

Paramedics treated a few students who suffered minor injuries, and police say no one was arrested.

James Stevenson, a spokesman for the University of Calgary, said the school is not responsible for the couch racing, which was held off-campus and started before events officially sanctioned by the students' union.

Bermuda Shorts Day, held since the '60s, encourages students to wear shorts regardless of the weather. To the students' delight, Calgary reached a sunny 19 C on Friday afternoon compared to other snowy years.