Corey Hart urges Calgary to preserve Eamon's gas station

A well known Calgary building with a fate that is in limbo, just got a little help from a Canadian rock star.

Canadian crooner says he hopes the heritage building can remain intact

A well known Calgary building that’s fate is limbo, just got a little help from a Canadian rock star.

Corey Hart filmed a video at the old Eamon’s gas station in 1986, and 26 years later he’s come forward to stand up for the Crowchild Trail building.

"I recall the Eamon’s gas station scenes very well. No, they must not ever tear this down. It’s classic heritage Alberta," Hart said in a statement.

"They do not make signs like this anymore."

The city is in the process of purchasing the land the building stands on.

The city is planning to use the land for a new LRT park and ride for the northwest LRT extension.

The city decided three years ago that the gas bar sign would be salvaged, but what they should do with the building is a more complicated matter.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said the city is looking into what options there are.

"The grading of that site is that it’s challenging to keep the building in its current position and no one really understands with asbestos and other issues whether or not the building can be moved," said Nenshi.

The city expected to know the fate of the building by the end of next month.  

Scott Jolliffe, of the Calgary Heritage Authority, says the best case scenario is that the building stays put.

"I think there’s any number of adaptive reuses of a building of that nature, anything from a 1950s diner to an oyster bar, or whatever," said Jolliffe.