For years, 17th Avenue has been known as the Red Mile — now, Calgarians could soon be calling it Bread Mile.

Corbeaux Bakehouse is cooking up something special for Calgarians with a complete inside and outside redesign of the old Melrose Cafe space.

Come September, the new bakery will offer Calgarians a rotating menu and a selection of breads, pastries and sandwiches.

The new bakehouse's owners anticipate it being "a welcoming place to fuel up in the morning, an opportunity to reconnect at lunch and a warm place to linger with friends over a meal and a glass of wine on the way home."

The bakers and owners have been testing recipes for the past few weeks and are currently looking to fill up their staff roster.

The bakery is connected with the Fratello Analog coffeehouse and owners say the new bakehouse will be a "very new concept" to Calgary.

Launch plans have been a long time coming for Corbeaux Bakehouse, with owners spending the past year working on concept creation and plans for the space.