Karim claims he was manhandled by one guard and sexually assaulted during a cavity search.

Authorities are investigating complaints from a convicted murderer that he's been assaulted by guards at the Calgary Remand Centre.

Mohamed Karim was in court Wednesday to set a date for sentencing for the 2006 shooting death of Jack Beauchamp, a Calgary businessman.

Karim’s lawyer, Adriano Iovinelli, says his client was visibly agitated when he arrived at court.

"Animated in court and very upset and indicated to the court that he was abused by court staff in cells this morning before coming into court," Iovinelli said.

Karim claims he was manhandled by one guard and sexually assaulted during a cavity search.

Michelle Davio of the Solicitor General's department says they're investigating.

"We take all these kinds of allegations seriously and any inmate who alleges a criminal act has occurred may request the police be called or may call the police themselves," Davio explained.

Calgary police are already investigating two previous claims of assault made by Karim last year.

Iovinelli has asked to look at security videos from inside the remand centre which he says could affect Karim's sentencing on second-degree murder.

"My client is in the hands of the province; my client is in the hands of the sheriffs and the security up at the remand centre and if there is any form of abuse that's something that the courts ought to take into account in sentencing that individual," Iovinelli said.