Adam Cormier said he's owed about $500 for work he did as a carpenter for From Foundation to Finish at a housing development in Calgary. (CBC)

A construction worker in Calgary is blowing the whistle on a home building contractor after his paycheque bounced.

Adam Cormier recently worked as a framing carpenter at a housing development on the outskirts of the city.

But his employer, a company called From Foundation to Finish, didn't pay his wages, Cormier said.

“We got our first paycheque and a week later that came up dishonoured,” he said.

The carpenter said he knows 13 other workers who also didn't get paid.

“These are all guys going to Money Mart now. You know, payday loan places just to kind of get their rent paid,” he said.

"I think that there's just no accountability at this point. And there's no one really monitoring what's happening. Nobody's really speaking out against it. We're afraid if we speak out we're not going to get paid.”

Company owner Kirk Kimberley admitted to CBC News he owed workers about $10,000 in unpaid wages, but says in recent weeks he's been able to pay out most of their wages, including Cormier's.

Kimberley said he bit off more than he could chew and got into what he calls a cash-flow issue.

"I fell down on my part of that deal. I totally did. And I ... feel terrible for it,” he said.

“People think that I might shut down, claim bankruptcy, which I wouldn't, you know. We're going to keep moving and keep going forward and paying back the people that we owe."

Kimberley has promised to pay his former employees by mid-December.