The Good Life Community Bike Shop will have space in the Calgary Parking Authority’s Ant Hill Building at 10th Street and 2nd Avenue N.W. until December. (CBC)

A popular community bike shop has found a temporary new home in Calgary.

The Good Life Community Bike Shop, a not-for-profit that teaches people how to repair and maintain their bicycles, was forced to move out of its Eau Claire market home at the end of February after the shop lost its lease.

Co-founder Jackie Mann says they are moving to the Ant Hill Building on 10th Street N.W. in Kensington.

"Kensington is such an incredible community," said Mann. "We share the space with Market Collective and also it's a nice big beautiful space and everyone, a lot of people, knows where it is."

Mann says the shop is moving in over the next week and has set a soft opening date of a week from today.

They have the space at least until December, and in the meantime will be looking for a permanent spot, said Mann.

"One idea is a larger community space maybe similar to the Old Y Centre, where groups with a community oriented mission can do their thing and not have to worry about keeping the lights on," said Mann.

"In our search we really found that a lot of groups have the same problem — a lot of groups are searching for a space."

The Ant Hill building is owned by the Calgary Parking Authority.