The Good Life Community Bike Shop is once again looking to move to a new location.

The not-for-profit shop teaches people how to repair and maintain their bicycles.

It was forced to move out of its Eau Claire Market home at the end of February last year after the shop lost its lease.

Co-founder Jackie Mann says they are now renting month-to-month at their space in the Ant Hill Building in Kensington.

Mann says they are hoping to find a new home in a neighborhood that is close to downtown at a reasonable monthly rate so people can continue to take advantage of their service.

"When people donate a bike here, their bikes are selected for whatever program they might go to," Mann explained.  "An adult who is experiencing financial barriers — it might go to a young person, it might be refurbished and bought by somebody who wants an affordable way to get around."

Mann says they have a long term plan but the group needs an affordable rental for approximately three years.