A Canadian fighter jet from the days of the Cold War has landed in Calgary — or should we say brought to the city in pieces on a truck.

The mid-20th century icon was found in Reno, Nev., and will be restored by volunteers at the Air Force Museum of Alberta (AFMA).


The Sabre was a common sight on NATO airfields during the Cold War. (KC Richards/The Military Museums)

Once the restoration is complete, the Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk. 5 will be moved to The Military Museums at 4520 Crowchild Trail S.W. to join two other jets in the new Ken and Roma Lett Cold War Exhibit.

The Sabre represents a very import piece of Canada’s history, says Don Matthews.

“For Canada's air force and for the men and women who kept Canada free of communism throughout the Cold War from ‘49 to ‘89," said the retired fighter jet pilot and AFMA chairman.

The jet was a staple on NATO airfields in the early years of the Cold War. It’s expected the restoration will take about four months.


The jet has been sitting in the Nevada desert for years. (KC Richards/The Military Museums)