Humans and the undead joined forces Saturday in Cochrane to raise money for kids cancer care.

The five kilometre zombie run and obstacle course saw roughly 3,000 people trying to make it to the end — alive.

"If you have one flag left on your belt at the end of the race, you survived the zombie apocalypse," said Brian Fitzgerald, an organizer. "If you don't have any flags left, you're infected."

Although the zombies 'killed' most of the humans, there weren't any sore losers among those who didn't make it to the finish line.

For many, the best part of the experience was seeing people join forces in a common goal.

"Strangers were coming up to us, 'let us run defense for you, let us be your meatshield,'" said Michelle Ward, a runner. "It was awesome, there were runners just waiting and then all the meatshields would get there and they'd just be like, 'let's go guys, let's go!'"

Partial proceeds from the run are going to Kids Care Cancer, an organization that supports families fighting childhood cancers.

Organizers say they plan to make the run an annual event.