Cochrane residents want study results on wind turbines

While Health Canada studies the health effects of wind turbines, some locals in Cochrane, Alta., hope the results will back their opposition to a turbine across the street.

Locals concerned about proposed turbine near high school

Brenda Samborski says a proposed wind turbine across the street at Cochrane High School does not belong there. (CBC)

Some Cochrane, Alta., residents are waiting for results of a Health Canada study launched last month into the health effect of living near wind turbines.

Brenda Samborski lives across the street from Cochrane High School, which has submitted a proposal to install an 18-metre turbine to help power the building.

"It just does not belong here," says Samborski.

Richard Kennedy also lives across the street and is opposed to the wind turbine.

"The noise you can hear is one thing, sure it's a nuisance but there are also many other effects with the noise you can't hear that we're concerned about," he says.

Health problems like headaches, anxiety and depression have been blamed on the low frequency sound generated by turbines.

Health Canada is trying to figure out if there is a scientific link between the machines and the health issues people have complained about.

Darrin Russell is with Evance Wind, the company that manufactures the turbine.

He says it's smaller than most models and there are already thousands of them in residential areas in the United States.

"They typically put them in their backyards and I've never heard of any disruption at all, either in noise or esthetics or anything," says Russell.

Cochrane's planning commission will decide if the school will get it's turbine in the fall.