Cochrane midwives get help after LJ Ranch fire

The province’s midwives’ association is supporting a practice in Cochrane, Alta. after its clinic burned to the ground last night.

The Cochrane Community Midwives had space at the well-known Alberta ranch

The province’s midwives’ association is supporting a practice in Cochrane after its clinic burned down. 1:55

The province’s midwives’ association is supporting a practice in Cochrane after its clinic burned down.

The clinic had space at Alberta's LJ Ranch, a business and family home destroyed by fire Wednesday night.

The Cochrane Community Midwives lost their office and client records at the home-based clinic.

One of the Cochrane midwives, Shianna Pace, is in the process of taking over the practice and says the fire created a devastating loss.

Shianna Pace works for the Cochrane Community Midwives, which were set up at the LJ Ranch, which burned down Wednesday night. (CBC )

Like her clients, she came here for care during two pregnancies of her own.

“This is where I heard their heartbeats for the first time and so it's overwhelming as it being my place of work but also a place that I’ve grown to love and it's really special to me," said Pace.

“It’s overwhelming and shocking.” 

The Alberta Association of Midwives president JoanMargaret Laine says they will assist the Cochrane practice and says the disruption for clients should be temporary.

Laine said they are working with Alberta Health Services on re-creating lost patient records and more help is coming.

People stand near the wreckage of LJ Ranch, which housed the Cochrane Community Midwives clinic. The ranch burned down Wednesday night. (CBC )

“There's a practice in the city that will be allowing them to use space to do their clinic next week,” said Laine.

“The midwives will offer whatever other support they need, certainly they know they have our emotional support from us as well.”

The Cochrane midwives were in the process of moving to a new location and still hope to open their new clinic next Friday.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

With fiels from Scott Dippel/CBC


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