After weeks of heavy snowfall that saw plows focus on main roads, the city announced Monday it will put a focus on snow-clogged residential streets.

Crews will work over the next several weeks, starting with several hard-hit communities in southeast Calgary. Even if more snow falls, the city says additional crews and private contractors will keep the focus on communities.

Snow plowing streets

The city announced Monday it will focus resources on clearing snow-clogged streets after weeks of heavy snowfall saw plows focused on main roads. (Colleen Underwood/CBC)

"If I get a break in weather like today, I can deploy everything I've possibly got in the residential roads," said Ryan Jestin, head of Calgary's roads department.

"But regardless of the weather, and regardless of whether we see any snowfall in the next month or so, we're going to focus on the residential and we're going to keep this program moving through until we've got that and the back lanes done."

Work has begun to side streets in Riverbend, Douglasdale, Lake Bonavista and Midnapore.

Jestin says residents will get one day's notice that graders and snowblowers are coming so that they can remove their vehicles from the streets.

The residential sweep is expected to cost $7 million.

Snowy road

CBC Calgary put a call out for the worst snowy roads in Calgary, and got this great picture of 300 Copperpond Bay in the city's southeast. Have your own photo to submit? Email (Submitted by Jordan Kerluke)