The city will no longer use the Noise Snare to try to curb excessively loud vehicles on Calgary's streets.


The city will no longer use the Noise Snare device in its effort to get overly loud vehicles off Calgary's streets. (CBC)

Bylaw services used the noise measuring device to take pictures of vehicles registering more than 96 decibels. But an ongoing dispute with the maker of the machine has resulted in the contract being terminated.

Part of the problem lies with Calgary's bylaws, which the Noise Snare maker says are badly drafted because they don't include any provisions for how far a vehicle has to be from the device.

"Once you take into account the distance problem, then you can identify only truly loud vehicles and single them out for enforcement," said Mark Nesdoly with Edmonton-based Street Noise Reductions Systems.

For example, Nesdoly says a vehicle generating at more than 96 decibels could throttle down near the snare and not have its picture taken.

He lent the device to the city at no cost and officials say it will now be returned to him.

Only one ticket was ever issued through the use of the Noise Snare.