Some Calgary residents in condos and apartment buildings say they're still being neglected when it comes to recycling services.

The new composting pilot project started Monday with four communities — one in each quadrant of the city — now testing the green cart program.

Residents of multi-family complexes are not offered any type of recycling pick up by the city.


Michele Caron thinks more of her neighbours would recycle if they had access to a blue bin on site, a service that started for other Calgary homes in 2009. (CBC)

Michele Caron lives in a northeast townhouse and recycles by driving to the nearest depot.

But she says having a large blue bin at her housing complex would make it easier for some of her neighbours who don't recycle to change.

Stephen Cassady of the Canadian Condo Institute says the city should provide basic recycling pick up to all residents.


The city is working on a study about expanding recycling pickup to multi-family buildings, but it's not expected until 2014. (CBC)

"It would make a fantastic difference because it would allow us to have a standardized form of pick up, expectation, delivery," said Cassady.

"We feel like we're paying for it anyway through our taxes."

The city's waste and recycling services is working on a study about expanding recycling pick up to multi-family buildings, but the report isn't expected to be released until early 2014.