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The City of Calgary is planning to build its first cemetery in more than 70 years. (CBC)

The City of Calgary is looking for input on the first cemetery to be built here since 1940.

 Queen's Park was the last cemetery to be built and it's running out of space, officials say. 

The city wants ideas on design, what services are needed and how to accommodate cultural diversity.

The landscape architect for the project, Eric Lees, says cremation is a growing worldwide trend.

"What do we do with the cremated remains and still the mystery is, where do all the ashes go? We're not quite sure, especially here in North America," he said.

Memorials are also a growing trend at cemeteries, even for people who are not buried there, as more families want a place to go to remember, said Lees.

Gary Daudlin, the superintendent of city cemeteries, says he is also noticing changes in the way people use cemeteries.

"We have joggers that come through the cemetery, we have people that want to bike through the cemetery, families taking a leisurely stroll through the cemetery. We want to see more and more of that," he said. 

 The new cemetery will be in the southeast and is expected to open in 2016.

An open house will be held Thursday night at Ralph Klein Park.