Commuters waiting for trains at City Hall will soon have a place to stay warm. (CBC)

Commuters waiting for a south- or east-bound train at the City Hall C-Train station will soon have a warm place to turn to on a cold day.

Signs prohibiting waiting inside the city hall doorway will apparently come down. 

Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra said he and his son recently took refuge inside the doorway on a cold day while waiting for a train.

And he questions why the city doesn't allow people to warm up in city hall.

“This building is owned by all of the citizens of Calgary. How can we not have that vestibule be a public waiting area?  What are the thoughts and rationale around that?”

The recently-renovated space includes a number of security cameras and is highly visible from the train platform.

City officials say a conversation will happen between city properties and Calgary Transit about allowing people to use that space while waiting for a train.