After years of debate, city council wants to update the rules about what people can and can't do around Calgary’s city hall.

There are 27 pages of new rules in the draft municipal complex bylaw, which was approved by a committee on Wednesday.

Inside the building in the public atrium, an event would need a permit and insurance coverage.

But outside the municipal complex, Calgarians  are free to gather without the need for insurance — with or without booking ahead — as long as people stay clear of the doors.

The city's lawyers are confident the new bylaw can withstand any constitutional challenges.

But Art Pawlowski, who runs a street church feeding people outside city hall, calls it a stupid bylaw — one aimed at shutting him down.   

"We have a right to do what we do, the courts have spoken. We have a right to do what we do, and now my question is this: if this bylaw passes, we will not stop to do what we do."

Ald. John Mar dismisses the criticism, saying the new rules will mean fewer restrictions.

"This is actually in reality making it easier to have citizens being able to use it, including the street church," he said.

If city council approves the new bylaw, it will take effect September 30th.