There are six critical riverbank erosion sites in Calgary that the city says must be fixed before next year's spring runoff.

Work is already underway at two of the sites and will soon begin at a third.

Heavy machinery is currently shaping dirt and big rocks along the Bow River near Eighth Avenue and 22nd Street southeast.

Riverbank stabilizing

Four months after Calgary's devastating floods, city officials say there is still lots of work to be done. One of their big concerns now is erosion along some of the city's most vulnerable riverbanks. (CBC)

During the June flood, people on this Inglewood street saw the greenspace in front of their homes get swept away and their houses would have been next if soldiers hadn't worked to slow the erosion.

Frank Frigo with Water Services says it is just one of six sites that must be stabilized before next June or city infrastructure could be at risk.

"For 2013, we have an approved budget of around $12 million," said Frigo. "For 2014, we'll be taking our estimates forward to council for approval in November." 

Stabilization work is also underway near Home Road and 52nd Street northwest and will begin soon along Memorial Drive west of Centre Street.

While the city is fronting the cost of the work, Frigo says it will be covered by provincial flood relief programs.

Frigo says 100 riverbank erosion sites are on the city's list, but most are stable. However, 26 of them could be vulnerable next spring so plans to stabilize those are also being drawn up.

"We've got a very significant gamut of work here, much of which is going to unfold over multiple years. And because we're still in the planning phases, we're working on the details of what can be delivered in 2014," he said.