A dream is coming true for two young local filmmakers after their movie was included in the 200 films announced for the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) today.

Naanak Sodhi and Bhavesh Chauhan were part of the festival's Youth by Youth Cinema program in the past.

Jewel Fools

Naanak Sodhi and Bhavesh Chauhan were at the CIFF 2014 lineup announcement Tuesday. The young Calgarians will have their film Jewel Fools featured in this year's festival. (CBC)

"The youth festivals we were just experimenting, but now we're kind of putting all of that together and making a full feature-length film," said Sodhi. "And to have that accepted at the Calgary film fest that kind of inspired that in the first place is really something." 

Their movie Jewel Fools is the story of a young man who wants to propose to his girlfriend with his grandmother's ring only to find it's been stolen. 

"Him and his stoner friends need to get it back, essentially, and then the mafia get after them," said Chauhan.

The film will join other Canadian films like Mommy and the Hollywood production Foxcatcher starring Mark Ruffalo​ and Steve Carell.

'It's a busy and packed schedule'

It's the 15th year for the annual festival.

"It's almost 200 films of every genre from everywhere in the world," said executive director Steve Schroeder. "I mean we're talking 11 days, eight screens — it's a busy and packed schedule. It's a huge diversity." 

Brenda Lieberman, senior features programmer for CIFF, says the festival is a bit of a balancing act.

"Our true heart of heart we'd love to show the whole festival being like up and coming emerging independent filmmakers, but you know ... Calgarians really want to get a taste of what is big and hot and out there," she said.

"They get to experience something — the festival vibe is something special just to begin with." 

The festival starts on Sept. 18 and runs for 11 days.