In India, Wilbur Sarunaraj is a YouTube sensation. He's a comedian, a singer of simple satirical songs and part of what he claims is a music genre braiding Indian music and Western electronica. But there’s a serious side of the music, one that lampoons and parodies India's class structures.   

'Found in translation here is a man who cares about the lower classes…hard not to like this guy, even when only one in five jokes are hitting.' - Mario Trono 

Sarunaraj comes from a poor province where his popularity is off the scale. He wants to champion the lower classes through over-the-top hi-jinx.

In his words, he’s “making the common man extraordinary.” While we see nods to Sarunaraj's background in this movie, it's a fictional depiction of his life as a bellboy and attempt to become a recording star. Along the way, he makes a visiting Canadian his pal, stands up to a snooty doctor who butts lines and puts on a concert for poor geriatrics.


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To best get a sense of Sarunaraj, visit his stomping grounds on YouTube, where you’ll discover that his catch phrase is “veddy good, first class.” Or, imagine an Indian version of a cross between Flight of the Concords characters, Weird Al Yankovic, Austin Powers and Borat. Then add a social conscience.  

See it or not? 

Parts of this comedy will work with Western audiences and some won’t. But what’s found in translation is a man who cares about India's lower classes. Add in the fact that Simple Superstar was funded by fans who appear in the film and it gets hard not to like this guy, even when only one in five jokes are hitting.