Chinook, warm temperatures expected in Calgary this weekend

Warmer temperatures in Calgary are expected to cause a big melt this weekend in the city.

Sunday will be the warmest day with a forecast high of 13 C

Chinook winds are expected to bring a welcomed respite from the recent winter chill this weekend. They can also bring beautiful sunsets and dramatic chinook arches, as in the picture above. The arch is created when a high crest of the wind makes a distinctive cloud band parallel to the mountains. (@Thebradcates/Twitter)

Warmer temperatures in Calgary are expected to cause a big thaw this weekend in the city. 

Calgarians won't be entirely free and clear from winter woes — higher temperatures are expected to cause widespread melting and slippery roads. However, the mess is warm welcome for many in the city after a week of bitter cold.

"After today we'll see our temperatures climb to the double digits on the plus side — well above Calgary's average high of 2 C," said CBC weather specialist Craig Larkins.

He said Sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend with a forecast high of 13 C.

"But we could jump a couple more degrees, it all depends on wind speed," said Larkins. "The stronger the chinook winds, the warmer our temperature can get." 

After Sunday, temperatures are expected to drop back to the single digits but remain a couple degrees above our seasonal high.

Seasonal temperatures usually hover around 2 C. The temperature forecasted for Monday is 4 C and 6 C for Tuesday.

City prepares for big melt

The city says it is ready for the melting conditions expected this weekend and are reminding Calgarians to take some action too.

Drivers are reminded that slushy road conditions require the same attention as winter driving.

"Make sure to stock up on windshield wiper fluid, and remember to drive slowly in areas that are experiencing heavy melting," said the city in a release. 

"Water tends to pool and accumulate next to curbs and it is importation to slow down when driving through these areas — particularly when pedestrians and cyclists are present."

If roads are impassible due to water pooling or if the water is causing property damage, Calgarians are asked to call 311 so crews can be dispatched to respond.

"The city does not advise that you try to clear the basin yourself as you cannot see potential hazards under the water's surface," said officials.


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