The Chinook C-Train station will reopen for service on Tuesday after being closed since January for reconstruction.

The former station was 30 years old and officials say they launched the update to improve access and provide a more pedestrian-friendly environment. The new station features a wider pedestrian walkway, an at-grade track crossing, three heated passenger shelters on the platform and a heated bus terminal passenger shelter.

"The heated shelters and station canopy are a great addition to the station as it will help protect our customers from the winter elements," said Doug Morgan, director of Calgary Transit. "Sightlines have been improved for customer safety and we have enhanced our security camera coverage at this station."

Calgary Transit is in the midst of a project to prepare all of its stations for the future operation of C-Trains with four cars.

The Rundle, Marlborough and Franklin stations have also been undergoing construction to accomodate the trains and are expected to open this fall.

In all, 14 C-Train stations are scheduled for construction over the next two years. Not all of them will be fully closed like Chinook.

More than 12,000 customers use Chinook Station every weekday, making it one of the most heavily used stations on Calgary's transit system.