Stakeholders in Calgary's Chinatown are concerned about the height of a planned development in the neighbourhood, which they say will block sunlight at two seniors' facilities.

The Chinatown Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) is speaking out against the proposed redesignation of a parking lot on Second Avenue southwest.

The developer is asking city council to approve changes to its plans that could see construction of a building twice the currently allowed maximum height in Chinatown.

Terry Wong, executive director of the Chinatown BRZ, says the change would block sunlight at two seniors' facilities across the street.

"We've got seniors that obviously walk around here who enjoy the river, in the primes of their lives. And we don't want to see their lives surrounded by big trucks and big noise and disturbances," he said.

Wong says the developer should consult with Chinatown residents before council makes a decision.

City council will hold a public hearing on the proposal on Monday.