The Alberta government says it has rectified a computer error that took three monthly payments at once from the bank accounts of 11,000 people who pay child support.

Jay O'Neill, spokesman for Alberta's Maintenance Enforcement Program, said officials are trying to get to the bottom of how the error occurred on Monday.

Meantime, the overypayments have been restored to the bank accounts of those individuals who had regular monthly maintenance payments automatically withdrawn three times from their accounts.

"Our first priority was to make sure we got the accounts rectified as soon as we could and that has been completed," O'Neill said.

"That was finished this morning so all the accounts are back to normal. And now we are going to be working closely with the bank to make sure this doesn't happen again and then [find out] what caused it."

O'Neill said such an error has never happened before and the government is working with the Royal Bank to determine what happened. He said the province will also pay any banking fees or other charges that result from the glitch.