Chester Hunchak's daughter speaks after Medicine Hat police shooting

Medicine Hat's Chester Hunchak had a "weird feeling" before heading out on a SUV test drive, his daughter says. Police say his missing person case is closed and RCMP are investigating a homicide.

Officer shot and killed an unidentified man moving a body from a rural residence Saturday

Medicine Hat's Chester Hunchak, seen here with his daughters, died over the weekend. (Jeanine Hunchak/Facebook)

Medicine Hat's Chester Hunchak had a "weird feeling" before heading out on a SUV test drive, his daughter says.

Jeanine Hunchak say police have told her that her dad's body was recovered on a rural residence during a series of events in the southern Alberta city this past weekend.

The incident ended in a police officer fatally shooting a man spotted moving a body at the home just south of the city limits.

Hunchak, who lives in Calgary, says the well-known car salesman vanished on Friday after heading out on a test drive of a Cadillac Escalade.

"He specifically said, 'I have a weird feeling about this' or 'a funny feeling' or something like that and he went. And then he didn't come home," she said.

His girlfriend — the last person to see him — called police when he didn't return.

Hunchak said she learned about her father's death from a cousin and police haven't given her much information.

"He was the most popular guy in Medicine Hat. When I went to go visit him, everybody knew his name. He was like a celebrity there," she said.

"I have no idea who would not like that man because he is the most charming [man]. Like, you can't not like him."

Medicine Hat police suspended the search for Hunchak on Monday, saying rural RCMP are now investigating a homicide. 

Police officer shot man on Saturday

RCMP are expected to release more information about the incident in the coming days, including autopsy results. 

Meanwhile, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT)​ is reviewing the Medicine Hat police officer's decision to shoot the unidentified man. 

In a press release, ASIRT officials said Medicine Hat police were investigating a missing person case on Saturday when an officer pulled into the driveway of a rural residence just outside the city.

A man exited the house and pointed a firearm at the police officer. The officer called for help and more police arrived.

“There was communication between police officers and the male by phone. As a result of that communication, the police officer believed that the male was a danger to police. A short time later the male was seen removing a body from an area at the rear of the residence.”

The armed man then entered a vehicle and drove towards police. The officer fired one shot, killing him, according to ASIRT.

ASIRT investigates incidents or complaints involving serious injury or death that may have resulted from the actions of a police officer.