A local non-profit organization in the city is calling on Calgarians to donate baby supplies, especially cribs.

LeeAnne Alexander, chief operating officer of NeighbourLink Calgary, said the shortage means some parents resort to putting their babies to sleep in laundry hampers.

"We have close to 50 babies on our wait list with nowhere to sleep and we do not have enough cribs coming in," Alexander said.

NeighbourLink gives baby supplies to families in need and relies solely on donations of cribs and cash.

But lately Alexander says people have stopped giving.

"We receive calls all the time from moms whose babies are sleeping in laundry hampers, babies who are sleeping in dresser drawers, babies who are sleeping on the floor, babies who are sleeping in unsafe places," she said.

NeighbourLink is also dealing with a shortage of single beds that are given to seniors living below the poverty line.

To make a donation you can visit the organization's website at NeighbourLinkCalgary.com.