Organizer Marilyn Gunn announces speaks about Food 'n More, an initiative that will see charity groups team up to buy and store food. (CBC)

Several Calgary charity groups are joining forces to buy the food they distribute more cheaply.

Food ‘n More will see non-profit organizations purchase food in bulk and share a warehouse, rather than drive around the city separately hunting for good deals.

The organization’s 25 partners include the Calgary Dream Centre, the Alberta Council of Disability Services, the Community Kitchen Program, the United Way and the Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiative, among others. 

The initiative also has the support of the city, provincial and federal governments as well as members of the food industry, including food producers and wholesalers.

"And when we link arms, that makes a whole difference. And with the capacity of 1,000 volunteers out there we can have a large impact in the city of Calgary," said Marilyn Gunn, founder of the Community Kitchen Program.  

Any non-profit or church group distributes hampers or meals can get in on Food ‘n More’s centralized purchasing and warehousing, she said.

Over 370,000 Albertans go without adequate food and nutrition every year, according to Food ‘n More.

"I don't believe anyone in the city of Calgary should be going without food, I don't believe in Canada should be going without food," Gunn said.