Sunshine Village turned into the "Hollywood Hills" this weekend as several celebrities hit the slopes.

Alan Thicke, Cheryl Hines and Pierce Brosnan were among the stars racing at the Fairmont Banff Springs Sports Invitational.

"To ski here in this glorious environment of Banff, and the Rockies, with my son who's 16 — it's tremendous," said Brosnan, a former James Bond actor.

The event, put on by the Waterkeeper Alliance, is meant to raise awareness and money for water issues around the world.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been spearheading the Banff event for 12 years.

"I think more and more people are understanding that water is the big issue of the future and, you know, particularly Canada's got oil and gas and all these other extractive industries but it has one fifth of the fresh water in the world and that's going to be the resource that people really are going to be fighting for."

The alliance says it's raised more than $10 million through these events.

That money goes towards more than 200 Waterkeeper organizations around the world, including one based in Edmonton that focuses on the North Saskatchewan River.

The invitational started at Sunshine on Friday and wraps-up today.