CBE asks parents for input on budget

The Calgary Board of Education held a pre-budget consultation Monday evening, but few parents bothered to attend the first session.

Board seeks ideas from public on school finances

Jada Campbell, a parent of two children in Calgary's public school system, is concerned that the range of alternative programs offered by the board is driving up costs. (CBC)

The Calgary Board of Education has begun pre-budget consultations and wants to hear from parents, staff and community members about its spending priorities.

However, the first such session, held at Haysboro school in the city's southwest on Monday night, attracted only three parents. 

Jada Campbell was one of those parents.  

She has two children who attend two different public schools and she believes the CBE is offering too many alternative programs, which increases busing costs, and takes away from core funding.

"And I think that's what parents are feeling is a lot of inequality, with their fees and their service in comparison to some other programs and offerings within the system," she said.

Carla Male is leading the sessions for the Calgary Board of Education. 

"I think the people we had here were very engaged and they had a lot of great ideas," she said.

Male says the process of engaging the public in the discussion of school finances is new for the board and adds that people can also provide input on the budget process through the CBE website.

The next pre-budget consultation takes place Tuesday evening at Marlborough school in the northeast.