CBC Calgary's Rosa Marchitelli on decision to co-host with husband

CBC Calgary's new TV host Rosa Marchitelli on the decsion to co-chost with her husband Rob Brown.

Native Calgarian and partner Rob Brown will debut on the anchor desk Sept. 23

Rosa Marchitelli and Rob Brown debut as co-hosts of CBC News Calgary at 5, 5:30 and 6 on Sept. 23. (Andrew Scherban/CBC)

I’m a realist. Or at least I like to think I am.

I am well aware my decision — our decision — to work together is a cross between downright crazy — and maybe the perfect scenario.

I’m talking about my new job. Anchoring the CBC Calgary 5, 5:30 and 6 p.m. news alongside my husband of 10 years. Yup — we now have the same job, same hours, exactly the same life. We are together almost all the time.

To quote a friend after hearing the news (I‘m pretty sure he was joking),  "I love my wife, but we’re one nasty word away from a knife fight." I get his point. But after a lot of discussion at home, Rob and I decided this was an opportunity we couldn’t resist. Plus if we could survive three boys under the age of two — we could make this work.

Personally, I never imagined I’d get the opportunity to work side by side with Rob. I now have a piece of home with me at work every day and the comfort and security that comes with that. Professionally, I have the good fortune of working with a talented news man.

Rob is my partner. In life and now on the news desk. For better or worse. And while I am a realist, I’m also an optimist and I know this will be a heck of an amazing ride.

Rob Brown, left, Rosa Marchitelli and weather specialist Craig Larkins will lead CBC Calgary's local evening newscast. (Andrew Scherban/CBC)

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Rosa Marchitelli


Rosa Marchitelli is a national award winner for her investigative work. As co-host of the CBC News segment Go Public, she has a reputation for asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account. Rosa's work is seen across CBC News platforms.


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