Stories of reunions, a stranger's kindness and redemption: here's a at look some of our favourites from 2015.

1) BFF reunion

A year and a half after his beloved German shepherd went missing, Alberta man Richard Brower was finally ready to accept that his pet was gone. But, when he went searching for a new dog on a pet-rescue website, he spotted his missing dog Dozer on the first posting. 

Richard Brower and Dozer

Richard Brower of Alberta found his beloved German shepherd Dozer while searching for another pet on the Claresholm Rescue Society's website roughly 18 months after the dog was stolen from his backyard. (Richard Brower)

2) Ocean rescue

​Tamara Loiselle, a Calgary triathlon competitor, was credited with saving the lives of a Montreal couple she spotted in distress in the waters off Cancun, Mexico.

Tamara Loiselle

Calgary's Tamara Loiselle rescued two people who were in danger of drowning in the ocean in Cancun, Mexico. (Tamara Loiselle)

3) A helping hand

A Calgary cab driver rescued a duck and her ducklings from traffic and drove them to the river.

'They were very calm,' says cab driver during duck rescue0:57

4) Finding a new path

With his booming laugh and warm smile, it's hard to envision Douglas Craig in anything other than a red Santa suit. But 34 years ago, this St. Nick wore a leather biker jacket and was a member of the motorcycle club, King's Crew.

Doug Craig

Doug Craig is a professional Santa Claus in Calgary but three decades ago he was a member of the biker gang King's Crew. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

5) Help from a stranger

"I heard your story yesterday on the radio and it's just sad so I just thought I'd help you out." 

And with that Jim Prokop wrote a cheque for $492 to cover Ashley Keewatin's payday loan debt that launched a cycle of payment and repayments a year and a half earlier.

Payday loan donation

A Calgary man who has paid almost $2,000 on a $400 payday loan he took out last year is free of the vicious cycle of debt, thanks to a generous stranger. (CBC)