Welcome to the local CBC Calgary newsroom.

If you'd like to reach us with a story suggestion or news tip, the best way to reach the maximum number of people in radio, TV and online is by emailing us at: calgarynewstips@cbc.ca.

If you need to reach us by phone, please call: 403-521-6340.

You can also reach out on social media:

If you'd like to share photos or video, you can reach out on social media (see above) or email: CalgaryPhotos@cbc.ca.

To reach individual CBC Calgary radio and TV programs:

Other key CBC Calgary contacts?

Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 2640, Calgary, AB, T2P 2M7.

Our physical address is 1724 Westmount Blvd. NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 3G7.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

We've answered the other most common most frequently asked questions below.

  1. What do I do if I have a question about any web, TV, Radio or News Network programming that wasn't from CBC Calgary?
    You can contact Audience Relations by mail at: CBC, P.O. Box 500, Station A, Toronto, ON, M5W 1E6, Canada. You can also reach them by phone:
    Toll free voice or TTY message, 
    1-866-306-4636 (toll free, Canada only)
    1-866-220-6045 (TTY/teletypewriter, hearing impaired only)

  2. How do I contact a host or broadcast reporter directly? 
    You can reach out to our hosts and our broadcast reporters via email or Twitter. Due to the large volume of messages we receive, we will not be able to respond to all messages.
  3. How do I contact the local news departments with a news tip or story idea?
    If you have a news tip, email us at calgarynewstips@cbc.ca
  4. How do I alert the CBC to reception difficulties? 
    Please email the details to Eldon Borle. Provide your location and frequency, the date, time and what you heard.
  5. How do I suggest an idea or pose a question to a local show? 
    Send an e-mail to the appropriate program listed above.
  6. How do I suggest an idea or pose a question to a national show? 
    Go to Programs A-Z, look for the listing for that show, then follow the link to the website for that show. Look for the "Contact Us" section of the site. 
  7. Can I get transcripts and/or tapes of programs? 
    You can purchase copies of Local/national news or current affairs programs through Cision. Please note that prices and the length of time programs are kept varies.

    Cision Calgary
    2424-4th Street SW Suite 520
    Calgary, AB T2S 2T4
    Phone: 403-245-8525
    Toll Free: 800-773-9817
    Fax: 403-244-5950

    National numbers for Cision:
    CBC Television - 1-800-363-1281
    CBC Radio - 1-800-363-1530
    Other programs might be available for home and educational use. You can search online through CBC Shop or CBC Learning
  8. How can I find out the name of the song I just heard on CBC Radio? First, look up the program page of the radio program you were listening to. Then, look under the link Music Playlists on the right hand menu of that page under the date and time you were listening.
  9. How do I find out about jobs at the CBC?
    Click on Jobs at the bottom of any page on the CBC.ca site.  
  10. How do I get help with audio and/or video?
    That information can be found on the Audio/Video help page here. 

  11. I have a CD that I would like you to play. Where do I send it?
    To place it in our music library, send two copies to: CBC Music Library
    Rm. 2B100
    PO Box 500, Station A
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    M5W 1E6

  12. What are your channels/frequencies? 
    These are listed on the Frequency Guide section.

If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, please use our Contact Form.