A woman in Taber is questioning the rules around running for public school trustee in Alberta after she was excluded for being Catholic.

Tamara Miyanaga wanted to run in the Horizon School District, which operates schools for about 3,550 students in southern Alberta.

Miyanaga was told she’s ineligible to run for a position on the board because she is Catholic.

She has worked for the public board and her children went through the public system, she said.

“I don't know if it’s a fairness issue. More so, I was just surprised that in Canada, and in Alberta in particular, that your religion would limit you from being involved in the democratic process,” she said.

Miayanga said she researched the rules and discovered the are contained in provincial legislation from 1905.

She has sent letters to the premier, the education minister and her local MLA to make them aware of the situation.

So far there she has had no responses, she said.