A cat that snuck onto a transport truck in Toronto and travelled along to Calgary before being discovered is now in the care of a local rescue group.

The three-year-old male stray — who has been named Gulliver — somehow managed to get inside a Bison Transport truck in Toronto a few weeks after Christmas.

He wasn't discovered until the truck arrived in Calgary three days later.

Gulliver the cat yawns

Gulliver the cat, awaiting adoption at the MEOW Foundation, seems bored with all the fuss. (MEOW Foundation)

In a release, the MEOW Foundation says the employees at the Calgary Bison terminal cared for the cat for a few weeks before contacting the rescue group.

MEOW says Gulliver will be available for adoption after being neutered, vaccinated and microchipped — although they say one of the Calgary Bison employees who found and cared for the cat has already put in a bid to adopt him.