Change your pin often — that's the message from at least one of the province's financial institutions today after a number of cardholders in southern Alberta fell victim to card skimming recently.

Mike Dickinson, a spokesperson for Servus, says some cardholders with the Alberta-based credit union were hit. Servus was just one of the Alberta institutions affected.

While he couldn't say exactly how many people were affected, Dickinson says they have made contact with everyone

"We don't want them to suffer any losses or any inconvenience, and if it's very clear that they're not involved and their card has been compromised we make good on any losses they may have," he said.

Dickinson says this kind of skimming usually takes place at merchant terminals.

A spokesperson for the Interac Association tells CBC News an investigation has been launched.

"We got notified last week by the Interac Association of some potentially compromised cards in southern Alberta," said Dickinson.

A spokesperson for the Interac Association wouldn't say how many cards had been compromised.