Car2Go gets more tiny parking spaces in Calgary

The city is creating 150 new parking spots specifically for Car2Go vehicles. Signs will be posted throughout the city and the spaces will be available Friday morning.

City adds 150 new 'microstalls' parking zones to reduce congestion downtown

Only two-door Car2Go vehicles are currently permitted to park in these spots. (CBC)

Car2Go users will have more parking spots to choose from now that the city is adding 150 "microstall parking zones" throughout downtown Calgary and the Beltline with the intent to alleviate parking pressure.

Signs are being posted throughout the city and the spaces will be available Friday morning.

"The more people using them, the fewer cars there are downtown, and these cars typically tend to stay in the parking stalls less time than a regular-sized car," said Jessica Bell, spokesperson for Calgary Transportation.

Painted white lines will mark the smaller parking stalls in areas where larger cars typically wouldn't fit, said Bell. 

These signs will mark the newly created stalls, which will be located at street corners and near driveways where regular-sized vehicles would not fit. (City of Calgary)

The signs will include the Car2Go logo and dimensions for the space, and other micro cars will not be allowed to park there.

The city has been looking at ways to reduce parking congestion and Car2Go clustering. Bell said the city is working with the Calgary parking authority to cover the costs of this $25,000 pilot project.

Car2Go pays parking fees directly to the city under its contract. 


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