The Town of Canmore is installing some temporary measures to prevent another Cougar Creek flood disaster.

During the June flood, the creek turned into a dangerous stream of debris with boulders and trees ripping a path of destruction.

Canmore flood damage

Houses along Cougar Creek show extensive damage after heavy flooding June 21 in Canmore. (John Gibson/Getty)

Theresa Lambe watched the flow of water in Cougar Creek from her backyard.

"It was very turbulent," she said. "The water was all brown and you could hear all the rocks rolling and rushing."

The creek filled with boulders and trees and tore away most of Lambe's backyard.

"It was a very clear wake up call," said Mayor John Borrowman.

Residents got a first look at the new mitigation project Wednesday night, which include a debris net and a steel mesh on the banks of Cougar Creek.​

"No. 1 is to catch sediment in the channel upstream to make sure that much less gravel and sand [deposit]," said project lead Matthias Jakob.

"No. 2 is to prevent bank erosion by wire mesh nets that are filled with gravel, and they prevent the river [from chewing and eroding] into the banks, which could then fail, which could then undermine homes."    

The new interim measures will be in place by next April.

Canmore plans to install even stronger mitigation projects over the long term.