A man who was suffering from depression and cancer when he robbed a bank two years ago will serve his jail time on weekends, he learned Tuesday.

The courtroom was packed with friends and family of Rocky Huff, 47, as provincial court Judge Harry Van Harten sentenced the first-time offender to 90 days in custody to be served on the weekends.

Diagnosed with cancer, jobless and spiraling into alcohol abuse, Huff robbed a Scotiabank in southeast Calgary in 2011. 

Immediately remorseful, Huff turned himself in to police just hours after his crime.

"Went through a bit of a bad time there. It all caught up with me, I guess at some point, and things happened. Spiralled a little out of control and again, I'm just glad we're at an end," said Huff outside the courtroom.

There were tears and hugs among his supporters after the sentence was announced.

Huff’s lawyer Alain Hepner said this was one of the most sympathetic cases he has ever taken on.

He had suggested a sentence of house arrest, while the Crown wanted the father and coach to spend two-and-a-half to three years behind bars.

Huff is now cancer free. He had no previous criminal record before the robbery two years ago.