Cancer patients get help with free housecleaning

A Calgary woman undergoing cancer treatment wants to let other patients know they can get help with free housecleaning.

Charity picks up tab for cleaners

A Calgary charity is paying for housecleaning to help cancer patients undergoing treatment. 2:20

Calgary cancer patient Anne Cumming says a service that offers free housecleaning has made a difference to her recovery.

After Cumming was diagnosed with bone cancer and used the services of Cleaning for a Reason while she was undergoing a stem cell transplant.

"To have them come in to do that cleaning and know the dirt was gone — because your immune system is so compromised — for us was very special," said Cumming.

She says it allows patients to stay focused on getting better.

"There’s all kinds of things that need to be done, so cleaning is something that kind of takes a background even though you know it’s important. Having the girls come in and do this is an important aspect of being healthy," said Cumming.

The charity allows each patient a maximum of four cleanings.

Clients needed

Cleaning for a Reason is an international charity that has worked with many Calgary families since it started operating in the city in 2009.

Spokesman Derek Feschuk says the organization is looking for more cancer patients who need help.

"They usually limit us to four [clients] at a time and right now we have maybe one, so we’ve got room for sure," he said.

The organization teams up with the Merry Maids cleaning company to do the work.