Some Calgary kids got to kick it with members of the womens' national soccer team this weekend.

Olympians Karina Leblanc, Erin McLeod and London 2012 team captain Christine Sinclair are in town.

Officials with the Calgary Minor Soccer Association say more than 100,000 kids play soccer across the city —the national team is being partly credited with the fact that about half of the players are girls.

"Heading out of the London Olympics we wanted to change soccer in Canada and part of that involves coming out and interacting with these young kids," said Sinclair.

"These young kids are going to be the future of the national team and for them to have female role models to look up to and to know that anything is possible and we're living proof of that."

Sinclair, who has been serving a four game suspension for being critical of the officiating in Canada's heartbreaking loss to the United States at the Olympic semifinals, reiterated that she has no regrets.