Four Calgary neighbourhoods will see an end to home mail delivery this fall and some affected residents are worried about how the change will play out next winter.

Canada Post claims it is trying to rein in a projected $1-billion deficit, due in part to a sharp decrease in mail volume over the past six years.

It's hoping the change will help save roughly $150 per house. But for residents used to grabbing mail in slippers, the prospect of winter maintenance around the community boxes is concerning.

"People that have the boxes down the street, they complain about the snow's not shovelled around their boxes," said Dover resident Don Franklin.

"They don't have front streets and their back alleys aren't shovelled — they have to walk through that to get to the boxes."

Canada Post is responsible for clearing the area directly in front of the community mail boxes but admits that doesn't always happen.

However, the Crown corporation says the status quo simply isn't an option anymore and is asking for feedback from people in affected communities. 

"We do recognize that this is a big change," said John Farnand, vice president at Canada Post. "We need to work from now until the fall with both the municipality and with the community individuals in order to implement this change."

People will be able to share their concerns in a survey that will be delivered to affected residents' home mail boxes over the next few days.