The Calgary Chamber of Commerce says it's a relief the federal government has finally reached an agreement with the provinces on the Canada Job Grant.

Few details are known about the program, but it's believed employers will be able to offer workers up to $15,000 in training towards an open job. However, part of that will come out of the pockets of business owners — and that could put small businesses at a disadvantage.

"In many ways, a lot of the key gaps and some of the vacancies are in the small business segment, the mid-sized segment, because they are continually seeing some of their staff moving to the bigger companies that can pay more," said Adam Legg with the Chamber. "For them, the training and making sure they've got a continual pipeline is important."

The job training program was initially announced in the 2013 federal budget.

However, it's taken this long to get an agreement in principle signed because the provinces had reservations about Ottawa's initial offer.

That offer underwent significant changes and is now notably different from the take it or leave it grant sprung on the province's last year, said Shirley Bond, B.C.'s minister of jobs, tourism and skills.

While many of the provinces still have concerns, most — with the exception of Quebec — feel they have come far enough in their negotiations that each provincial government can now finalize the details of the program on a one-on-one basis with Ottawa.