The Calgary Zoo plans to partially re-open on July 31 as workers continue to clean up from devastating flooding.

The northern part of the zoo, which includes the Penguin Plunge, the Prehistoric Park and Canadian Wilds, will open first. More exhibits will open in early fall, but the zoo won’t fully re-open until late November.

The damage to the zoo from the June flooding is estimated at $60 million, including estimated lost revenue. Water from the Bow River flooded the zoo’s 32-acre island and parts of the Canadian Wilds exhibit in the northern part of the zoo.

The gushing water damaged animal enclosures, botanical exhibits and 40 buildings. Nearly 150 tropical fish — tilapia and piranha — perished and four peacocks and a pot-bellied pig are missing.

Dr. Clément Lanthier, the zoo president, urged people to support the zoo during August, as summertime visitors usually generate about half of the zoo’s revenue.

"So in addition to damage to land and property, we will have a $10 million shortfall in revenue during the restoration period that we will not recover," he said in a press release. "In fact, we will lose $5 million in revenue in July alone. For a not-for-profit charity, this is a major blow. We are hoping Calgarians will continue to support their zoo as they have for 84 years, by visiting, buying memberships and making donations."