The bears, cranes and penguins are back on display as the Calgary Zoo partially reopens Wednesday morning, more than a month after the popular attraction was devastated by flooding.

Only certain sections are open so far as the cleanup and reconstruction work continues.   Visitors can see about one third of the park right now, said zoo spokeswoman Trish Exton-Parder.

"Approximately 60 acres of the zoo, so quite a large chunk will be open.  That is the north section, so our higher ground section of the zoo is open, not the zoo island. 

"So what this includes is our prehistoric park, it includes the Canadian Wild section, as well as the beloved Penguin Plunge."

The flood caused $60 million in damages and lost revenue. Zoo officials let 300 workers go and 34 animals were shipped out of town.

The heavily damaged South America building had to be permanently closed while the Destination Africa attraction is undergoing extensive repairs.

The tigers and snow leopards are back in their regular homes, while the lions remain in a holding area. But none of these animals can be viewed yet, Exton-Parder said.

With the park only partially open admission is lowered to $10. The entire zoo should be open to the public by December.